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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Behave Like a Lady

In a shop they had declared a special concession for Christmas, particularly for ladies' clothes and dresses, so there was a huge crowd of ladies. There was a man in the ladies crowd & he had come there as his wife was sick. She must have forced him to go there because this was not a chance to be missed.
The man stood, gentlemanly, for more than an hour, but he couldn't reach the counter. The ladies, as usual, were screaming and shouting at each other, moving this way and that way, no queue system, no discipline, but the poor man was standing in a queue, waiting it to move. However, when more than an hour passed and he was nowhere near the counter, he also started shoving and shouting and screaming, and he started moving ahead forcibly in that crowd to reach the counter.
One old lady shouted, 'What! What are you doing? Behave like a gentleman!'
The man said, 'For more than an hour I have been behaving like a gentleman. But, now I must behave like a lady!”

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, the devil never behaves like a gentleman, he always behaves like a lady. He is always first in the queue. But God is a gentleman, so it is difficult for him to be first in the queue. Therefore, the moment we open the door, only the devil enters and because of the fear for the devil, we remain closed. But, if the devil cannot enter, even the God cannot. Thus, we become vulnerable for both God and devil, light and dark, life and death, love and hate.... We become available for both the opposites.
We have chosen not to suffer, so we remain closed. We may not suffer but our life is becomes a boredom, there is no blessing either. The door remains closed morning, no sun, no moon, no sky, no fresh air, everything becomes stale. In a fear we thus remain hiding in a grave.
Friends, courage is needed to be open and to suffer, only then it becomes possible to receive the Blessings!  

Have a Good Day Friends!