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Friday, November 18, 2011

Paradox in Appearance!!

Rabindranath Tagore has written a small, beautiful poem ...”What have you got for me?” ...This poem consists of a small story ....

...A beggar was once wandering out for begging and suddenly he saw a golden chariot stop near him and a King got out of the chariot. The beggar was thrilled by the very possibility that he could get something big today. 

But to his everlasting chagrin, the King suddenly thrust out his hand and asked the beggar, "What have you got for me?"

Oh, Lord, torn with perplexity and indecision, the beggar offered the king a mere grain of wheat. The beggar was only accustomed to receiving and not to giving. So, he was perplexed, bewildered, confused. He must have hesitated. He must have searched his bag. He could have given more, but he gave only one grain of wheat, just because he could not say no. By the time he came to his senses the chariot was gone, and there were only clouds of dust on the road. The beggar kept on worrying the whole day, about that one grain of wheat given to the king. It was like a weeping wound....

In the night when the beggar returned home and checked all that he had begged in the whole day, he found a grain of gold in his collection. He, at once, understood his mistake and cried and wept. Now he wanted to give everything that he had, but it was too late....!

Moral of the Story ....
...If we hoard gold it becomes dust and if we share dust, even dust becomes gold ... This is the message delivered by this beautiful anecdote.
Friends, this is not just a parable, this is a true secret of life. Give and one gets million-fold. Share and in the very sharing one becomes richer. Go on accumulating and one becomes poorer. One cannot find a poorer man than a miser.
One may have much, but one can possess only that which one has given, shared. One can never possess that, which one has just accumulated. One can become a master of only that, which he has shared unconditionally!
Friends, it is a paradox only in appearance.
Have a Great Day Friends, Today & Every Day !!