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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fish Catching the Man!!

Once a man was sitting on the edge of the river for many hours with his fish-hook dipped  in the river. However he was unable to get a bite.

Finally, the combination of several bottles of beer and a hot sun caused him to nod off. He was completely unprepared when a live fish got hooked, tugged at his line and woke him up. He was caught completely off balance and before he could recover he found himself in the river.

A little boy was watching all this drama with a great interest. As the man struggled to get out of the water, the boy turned to his father and asked, "Dad, is that man catching the fish or is the fish catching that man ...?"

Moral of the Story .....

Friends, we have gone completely topsy-turvy. The fish is catching most of us and dragging us, we are not catching the fish. Wherever we see money, power, prestige, we are no more ourselves. 

Wherever we get respect, we are no more ourselves. Immediately we forget everything ... even the intrinsic values of our life, our happiness, joy and our delight.
We always choose something of the outside and then bargain with something of the inside. We lose the within and gain the without. But even if we get the whole world at our feet and lose ourselves, even if we conquer all the riches of the world but lose our own inner treasure, what are we going to do with it? This is going to be absolute misery.

Friends, one needs to learn that, one has to be alert and aware about one’s own inner intentions, motives, about one’s own inner destiny. One should never lose the sight of it, otherwise one will be constantly unhappy and miserable...!

Have a Great Day Friends!!