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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Kitten & the Cadillac!

Mulla Nasrudin had once harnessed a kitten to his broken-down Cadillac.

The bystanders pointed out that, this was absurd and they also questioned him, how can the tiny kitten pull his Cadillac?

Mulla replied, "Yes I know, you all may think so! But I must tell you that, I have got a horsewhip for that kitten ...!"

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, most of us think that just by forcing anything can be made possible, just a horsewhip is needed and we have to do it a little harder.
According to most of us, we don’t succeed, because we are not working hard at it. Even after working hard if we still don’t succeed, then we think we are not putting all our energy into it.... Friends, this is generally the logic of the accidental world.
Only the essential man knows that, if one is stuck or unable to move further or unable to reach one’s goal, it is not because one is not putting more energy or enough force, but it is because one is not allowing the existence to intervene and make it happen.
Friends, in fact, nothing is needed to be done by us ...Only a deep trust and surrender is more than enough...!!

Have a Meaningful Day Friends!