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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Man of Salt!!

Friends, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to narrate a very significant story....

Once it happened that there was some important festival being celebrated on the sea beach. Thousands of people had gathered. Suddenly they all were engrossed in a question ...”Whether the sea is measurable, whether there is a bottom to it, and whether it is fathomable?”

There was a man in that crowd who was completely made of salt. He said, 'Don’t you worry! I will jump into the ocean and find out. How can one know unless one gets into it?'

So the man of salt jumped into the ocean. Hours passed, days passed, then months and even years passed. People waited and waited for long but the man of salt never returned, because the moment he jumped in to the ocean, he started melting and before he could reach the bottom he disappeared completely. Although he realized it, experienced it, he couldn't return. And the people on the beach never knew about it, so they continued discussing about him for a long time. They may have also arrived at some conclusions, because once it arrives at some conclusion, the mind feels at ease....

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, we are all like the man of ‘salt’ as far as the ‘ocean’ is concerned ....the ocean of life and death. We melt into this ocean, because we are born out of it, made by it, of it. Therefore, the mind is always afraid of going into the ocean, as it is bound to be dissolved. The mind always fights to remain on the bank, discussing, debating, arguing, creating false theories and wrong philosophies, which are based only on fear. Only a courageous man will take the jump and will never accept an answer without experiencing it, without realizing it himself.

Knowledge passed on by Krishna, Buddha, Mahaveera, Jesus and many others remains only an information for us. Such a knowledge will not give us wings, will not liberate us and will not set us free.

The true answer is incomprehensible for the human mind, because the part cannot comprehend the whole. The whole can be comprehended only by becoming the whole. One has to jump into the whole and disappear, be completely lost .... only then the truth can be realized...!

Have a Great Day Friends!!