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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Essential & Accidental!

Once a great sage was appointed prime minister to a king who was almost a beggar on the streets, but the news of his wisdom spread, rumours reached the palace. The king was tremendously impressed by the man and his insight, so he appointed him as his prime minister. The beggar came to the palace. The king requested him to drop his old robe and he was given a good bath; beautiful robes, ornaments, etc. were given to him, as befits a prime minister.

However, everybody was little intrigued by the fact that, in one of the rooms he had something like treasure locked. Every day he used to go there alone, unlock the room, but would never allow anybody inside. Then he used to lock the room from inside and would remain there for at least half an hour and then come out.

Suspicion spread ...What was happening in that room? Is there some secret? Even the king was quite interested. This practice went on for almost ten long years.

One day the king was too much disturbed and told him, "I would like to come with you in your private room. I have spent sleepless nights and I am continuously worried about what is there in your room!"

The prime minister said, "Sir, there is nothing. It is not worthy of your eyes, so please don’t be worried."

Now, the king became more suspicious and said, "There seems to be some danger! Let us go to that room!"

The prime minister requested again, "If you don't trust me then I will take you in, but then I will not be your prime-minister any more. Please take my resignation and then enter into the room. Otherwise, please trust me and never ask about that room!"

But now the king was even more suspicious and said, "Fine, you submit your resignation, but I have to check that room.”

With his entire court, the king entered. There was nothing, except the old robe hanging on a nail in that room. The room was completely empty.
The king asked, "Then why do you come here secretly?"

The prime minister replied, "Just to see this robe and to remind myself that once I was a beggar, and any day I will be a beggar again, so that, I don't get attached to these expensive clothes, my position, power and the riches!" 

Saying so, he quietly dropped the new dress, ornaments, etc. and put on his old robe. The king started requesting and begging, but the man said, "When there is no trust, there is no point in staying back. Now I must leave!"
He quietly left the palace the way he had entered it one day. His position, power, money, riches, meant nothing to him, it was just an accident....! 

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, we should be alert not to get too attached to the accidental. Everything is accidental except our consciousness, our awareness. Pain and pleasure, success and failure, fame and defamation, all are accidental. Only our witnessing consciousness is essential.
Nothing is going to be eternal. It has a beginning and it will have an end. We were happy even before it began and we will be happy when it has ended. If we can realize this principle, we can always judge what is accidental and what is essential. That which always remains is true and that which is momentary is untrue. Only with the essential the doors of sat-chit-anand, the truth, the consciousness and the bliss will open.

Friends, each one of us should remember this story every moment of our life and imbibe its impact. Only then it can become a transforming influence and can help us reach our centre....!

Have a Great Day Friends !