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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Closer to the Center!

Once a botanist came across a valley in the Himalayas where beautiful flowers were blooming, but there was no approach road. It was very difficult to reach into the valley which was thousands of feet deep. The botanist had never heard about these flowers. He had studied about all flowers, but this was some new species, undiscovered. He was enchanted, intrigued, so he wanted to get those flowers. However, it looked but quite impossible to reach them, what to do?
In a desperate effort, the botanist took his little son, tied a rope under the child's arms, and dropped the child into the valley, but he was afraid, perspiring, trembling because something may go amiss. The child reached down and picked up a few flowers. The father shouted from the top of the mountain, "Are you okay, my son? Are you not afraid?"
The son laughed and said, "Why should I be afraid Papa, the rope is in my father's hands!"

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, the father may be afraid, but the child is never afraid. That's what a spiritual person feels, “The rope is in my Father's hands...!” Then suddenly, all anxiety disappears.
In the accidental world we need to struggle, but in the essential world we need simply to surrender. In the accidental world one has doubts, but in the essential world one has to simply trust and this trust is absence of doubt .... it is not against the doubt.
Friends, trust is an outcome, a by-product of complete surrender and when one comes closer to one's center, one starts trusting more and more....!

Have a Great Day Friends!