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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Daddy, what is a difference between stupidity and diplomacy?" asked little Bill, just home from school.
"Well, son, it is like this," tried to explain his dad, "If I were to say to your mother, 'Your face would stop a clock,' that would be stupidity. But if I were to say, 'When I look at you, time stands still,' that is diplomacy!"

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, yes, diplomacy saves us from a lot of trouble. However, that will also save us from truth.
Truth brings many troubles, because most of the people live in lies. So, when we bring truth into the world, the people whose lives are rooted in lies, react. A great antagonism is bound to happen. People living in unconsciousness, cannot live without lies. Such people live because of their illusions, which keep on giving them hope. So, they live in the tomorrow which never comes. They live in their ambitions which are never fulfilled.
However Friends, through their ambitions, desires, illusions, expectations and hopes, whether fulfilled or not, they keep dragging their lives to their graves...!

Have a Great Day Friends!!