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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving with the Existence!

Once there was a famous medicine man in Northern Canada who was said to have enormous powers. When he used to wave his blanket at the northern lights they used to change colours. Every time he waved his blanket, the northern lights would actually change colours.
One day, the man lost his blanket, but the northern lights changed the colour anyway and that ruined his reputation as a medicine man...!

Moral of the story .....

Friends, life is also like that. No matter what we do, life will happen the way it has to happen. Struggling with life is simply destructive. Effort is needed only in the accidental world, and even there too eventually it fails. It gives us hope, but eventually it fails.
In the inner world, no effort is needed. Once we start slipping within, we can suddenly see that, everything is happening as it should. Life looks perfect. There is no way to improve upon it. When the life is felt as perfect, with tremendous beatitude and glory, then in our innermost core of the being we suddenly feel that we are with God and God is with us. We are floating with the Whole, so the destiny of the Whole is our destiny as well. Wherever this existence is moving, we are also moving, with no personal goals.... and only then the celebration of life can initiate....!

Have a Nice Day Friends!