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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spiritual Ego!

There were three different monasteries in the mountains. One day, three monks from each of the monasteries, met on the road by chance.
One of them said, “You have beautiful monasteries. But as far as our monastery is concerned, no one can compete with us in our austerity.”
Immediately, the second one declared, “We know your monastery and agree that its discipline is arduous and your austerity is great. But nobody can compete with us as far as learning is concerned. Our monastery is full of great scholars.”
Then both of them looked at the third monk. …And he said, “You are both right. One monastery is quite a perfectionist in its disciplines, austerities, while the second is certainly full of great scholars. But ….we always top in humbleness...!”

Moral of the Storey ….

Friends, can you see the contradiction? This can be termed as ‘Spiritual Ego’.
In fact, ego can exploit any direction of life …it can be financial, political, beauty or it can be physical strength. Ego is capable of exploiting anything. However, ‘Spiritual Ego’ should be simply impossible because spirituality can arise only when the ego dissolves. Either one is egoist or one is in the world of the spirit. One can’t be both together.
We often see people not only competing over their wealth, palaces, cars, etc. but even regarding the greatness of their Gurus. Friends, one should always remember that, Spirituality and Ego cannot have any co-existence.

Have a Blissful Day Friends!