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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Profoundness of Buddha's Teaching!

Friends, please reflect on this beautiful story regarding Gautam Buddha’s teachings …

Once a disciple of Gautam Buddha was going on a journey to spread his message, so he went to see Gautam Buddha and to get his blessings. The disciple also wanted to ask if there is any message, any words from Buddha for him.

Gautam Buddha said, "Remember one thing, while walking, keep looking only four feet ahead of you, not more than that."

That was in fact, a strategy to keep the monks from seeing women, in particular, since those disciples had taken the vow for celibacy. However, since that day, for the last twenty-five centuries, all the Buddhist monks walk as per Buddha’s advice.

One of Buddha’s disciples, Ananda, could not understand why the monk should keep his eyes focused only four feet ahead. So, he inquired about it and Buddha said, "That's how the monk will avoid looking at any woman, at least a woman's face …at the most he will see her feet."

Ananda asked, "There may be situations when a woman is in a danger or she has fallen into a well and is shouting for help, or she may be drowning or may have fallen on the road  or if an old woman wants help for crossing the road. What should the disciple do in such situations?”

Buddha said, "In special situations he is allowed to see her or touch her, but it is not the rule, it is only an exception. However, one condition has to be followed strictly. If the disciple cannot fulfil that condition he is not allowed the exceptions! And the condition is that, he should remain just a mirror, he should not be judgmental! Otherwise, let the woman fall or drown, and somebody else will always save her….first he should save himself …!"

Moral of the Story ….

Friends in this story, Buddha wanted to convey that, in every situation where the mind gets filled with any desire, greed, lust, attachment, ambition, possessiveness, etc. one needs to be just a mirror and to be just a mirror means to remain simply aware and to reflect, to see what is as is.

The moment one condemns something, one has already become judgmental and such a person cannot be aware. Awareness comes only with being non-judgmental. But with one’s conditioned mind one cannot be simply non-judgemental and hence one cannot be just a mirror. Understanding arises only by becoming a mirror, a mirror for all that enters in one’s mind.

When one remains aware, the mind cannot drag down such a person into the slippery mud. Thus, the mind becomes absolutely impotent in the face of awareness, so that, one’s whole being remains in a profound silence, in a peace, that brings the understanding. Naturally that peace, that silence, that bliss, creates ripples in the mind, changing the entire wave-length of the mind. And Friends, such a silent mind is capable of creating the profoundness of the Gautam Buddha…!

Have a Blissful Day Friends!