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Friday, February 17, 2012

Creators of Hell!

A great emperor once visited a Zen Master and asked him, "What is hell and what is heaven?"

The Zen Master looked at the Emperor and said "You idiot! Have you looked at your face in the mirror lately? I have never seen such a dirty-looking fellow before!"

The Emperor was enraged! He had not expected such a thing from such a great saint. The Emperor was so enraged that he pulled his sword out of its sheath. 
He was about to cut the head of the Master. 
Suddenly the Master said, "Wait! You are entering the hell. This is the gate to hell."

The way the Master said "Wait!" was so powerful that the Emperor's hand stopped midway, and he realized his mistake and threw the sword away. He fell at the feet of the Master.

The Master laughed and said, "Now, this is the way to heaven! You have already experienced both within a single moment. The distance is not far."

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, whenever we are surrendered to the existence, whenever we live in trust, love, prayer, joy and celebration, we are in heaven.
Hell is a state of mind when we live in plenty and yet live in poverty. When life is such a blessing and yet we live in sadness. When the flowers bloom but we don't bloom. When the stars shine, and we don't shine. When we see clouds in the sky floating in freedom, but we remain in bondage. When the cuckoo calls from a distant wood but we remain deaf. When the peacock dances with ecstasy but we remain closed.... This is hell!
Friends, we must keep reminding ourselves that, we are the creators of our own Heaven and Hell!

Have a Blissful Day, Today & Every Day Friends!