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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Story. In Search of Freedom!

There is a beautiful story in Mahavira's life….

Once Mahavira visited Vaishali, one of the great cities of those days. In Vaishali there was a great thief, who was training his only son, in the 'art' of stealing. The thief told his son, "Remember, you are free to do everything, but don't go close to that man Mahavira. I am a master thief, but even then I avoid him, because he is dangerous. Some magical power surrounds him, and once you are caught in it there is no way out. So remember, go everywhere but avoid the campus where Mahavira is staying!"

So, the boy avoided Mahavira's campus for many days, but the temptation was natural.... It was worth testing. And one day the boy went a little closer to the campus where Mahavira was staying with his disciples. Mahavira was delivering his discourse to his disciples. Mahavira was saying, “…In paradise, there are angels who are very beautiful, but their feet are always pointing in the opposite direction as compared to their body….” The boy thought, Mahavira was just telling a fictitious story and he escaped from there.

That very night the boy and his father were both caught stealing. The king knew that, the father won’t open his mouth at any cost hence, the king ordered his men to concentrate on the son. There was a possibility that they may get some important link from him.

King’s strategy was that, the boy was given intoxicating drugs, so he slept for hours, completely unconscious. He was then taken to the most beautiful room in the palace, where there were all beautiful girls to serve him, bring him delicious food, drinks, etc. When the boy woke up from his deep sleep, he thought, "I am dead and have reached paradise. This is the paradise Mahavira was describing….wonderful girls, tasty food, all the comfort….Everything is great."

But suddenly he looked at the girls’ feet and immediately realized that there was some conspiracy, This cannot be a paradise, because the girls’ feet are normal, not turned in the opposite direction, as Mahavira had described….!"

Then those beautiful girls tried in every way to persuade him to extract the information saying that, if he divulges all the information, they will permanently take them to the paradise, as this is only the reception. They wanted him to confess about all the crimes, thefts, etc. committed by his father and him. But now he only kept smiling at them….!

He said, "Now, I am a disciple of Mahavira. Ask the king to befool others, not me! Just passing by I heard one sentence from him and it has saved me today."  There was no proof, so finally both the father and the son had to be released.

Mahavira’s magic had caught the boy, he became a great disciple of Mahavira.

Moral of the Story ….

Friends, the total surrender at the feet of the Guru is reaching out in search of one’s innocence, one’s lost childhood, originality, individuality and one’s own freedom…!

Have a Great Day Friends!