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Friday, April 6, 2012

Buddha: Focus On Your Own Cow!

Gautam Buddha used to speak about one of his servants, who used to just sit by the door from morning till evening and would count all the cows which were going towards the green pastures near the river. This routine was almost automatic for him. In the evening again, at the time of their return he would count the cows. He would become very much worried if some cow was missing or if the count was not matching.

Gautam Buddha used to narrate this story of his servant and his habit to explain something immensely meaningful for his disciples….
Buddha used to say, "I used to ask that poor servant, `Do you have a cow of your own?' And the servant would say, `No sir, I am very poor, so I don't have any cow.'

Then the Buddha would ask him, `…Then why do you unnecessarily go on counting thousands of cows every morning and again in the evening? Even if one cow is missing or has been miscounted, you become worried and suffer sleepless nights. And all this suffering just for the cows which are not even your own or not of any concern to you…!'"

Buddha used to further add, "…Similarly, the knowledge, the experience, that is not your own should not be your concern. It is just like, counting other people’s cows, unnecessarily wasting your life. It is always advisable to have at least ‘one cow of your own’ that will nourish you…!"

Moral of the Story ….

Friends, this story is quite meaningful and worth reflecting upon!
Most of us, the so called scholars, are just counting other people's cows. Most of us think that, we know without any knowing. Therefore, we go on destroying our whole life, and also the opportunity in which we would have known, experienced and lived powerfully.
Friends, we ourselves take away all the opportunities, all the possibilities of our own growth, only due to our dependence on other people’s knowledge and experience.

Have Meaningful Day Friends!