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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Right Question > Right answer!

In a synagogue which was also a monastery for the Jews, the chief rabbi was a very strict person. Two young Jews were walking in the garden of the monastery. They used to get one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening to pray and relax in the garden. Other times, they had to study the scriptures and do other disciplines.

Both were chain smokers and in the monastery, inside the synagogue, smoking was impossible, it was a crime. So, both were suffering. Finally, they decided that although it was putting one’s hand in a lion's mouth, one effort should be made. That chief rabbi was a dangerous man and he would definitely react. However, both of them decided that, they would ask the chief if they can smoke while they were in the garden ....

The next day, one of the two was coming out of the synagogue in a desperate mood, angry and sad, and suddenly he saw the other fellow sitting by the side of a beautiful rose bush and smoking! 
So, he asked him, "What are you doing? Have you already started without his permission?"

The other man coolly replied, "I have taken his permission!"
The first one asked, "What nonsense! Even I asked him and he shouted at me loudly and told me, if want to smoke a cigarettes I should go to hell! How is that he allowed you?'"

The other man smiled and he said, "How did you ask him?"

The first one replied, "I simply asked, `Can I Smoke while Praying?'

The other man smiled and said, "The way you asked was wrong, because I asked him, whether I can Pray while Smoking and the chief said, `That's perfectly good, you may do that!"

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, a sane mind always looks at things from the opposite direction and counts the blessings, counts all that is beautiful in life. It also keeps a note of all it has and is always grateful for this. Naturally, the life of such a person becomes a life of blessings, surrounded by all beautiful expressions and experiences.
It is only a question of changing a small structure in one’s mind, a little change in one’s natural biological mind and it makes a lot of difference to one’s life. 
Friends, each moment of Life is whole and complete. One can look at life as if one small day is sandwiched between two dark nights or one can also look at it as two beautiful days sandwiching one small night. One has a choice of how one intends to feel be in heaven or in hell. Finally, it is one’s own choice!
Have a Blissful Day Friends!