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Monday, April 2, 2012

Asking for pain

Abraham, an Islamic mystic used to pray to God every day saying, 'I don't ask for pleasures and I don't ask for happiness, but please give me a little pain. Always continue to give me a few gifts of suffering...!'
Another mystic once heard him praying and asked, 'What nonsense are you asking? You know that God is ‘Rahim’, the compassionate one and He will give you whatever you ask!'

Abraham said, 'I have come to God through my pain and my suffering, but when I am happy I always tend to forget Him, hence I am asking for a little pain, so that, I don’t forget Him.'

Food for Thought....

Friends, although Abraham was saying a great spiritual truth, actually there is no need even to ask for anything. Because even if we ask for a pain or a suffering, it is only for our pleasure. 
Remembering God in our suffering can be our innermost desire for pleasure. So, one should only accept whatsoever is there in one’s life and a subtle change starts happening.
Through understanding when we learn to accept pain without any complaint, almost ninety percent of it disappears. Pain comes but somehow it misses the mark and we rise higher and higher. Pain moves around the periphery but cannot penetrate to the centre, thus a distance arises.
Friends, total acceptance can be a great opportunity for us to grow. One who can accept pain becomes incapable of being unhappy, and that is the goal of all the spiritual effort.

Have a Meaningful Day Friends!