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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Price for Service!

A father was once teaching his son the purpose of life. 

He was trying to convince his son that, God has made him for the service of others.

The son replied, "Fine dad! I take it that God made me for the service of others, but why do you think he made the others? Just to be served by me? Then God has been unjust to me. 
And if he made me to serve others and made the others to serve me, then God seems to be very confused! Instead of this complex arrangement he could have laid a very simple rule, ‘Let each live for himself’.”

Food For Thought ....

Friends, when one serves others one always does so with a motive. Service is a bait with which one dominates others. Generally, one begins with service and ends with lordship.
Therefore Friends, beware of one who professes to serve you. He is certainly going to ask for the price.

Even a mother who tells her child that she sacrificed everything for him, is definitely going to cripple the child and ruin his life. And a father who says so to his son will possess and dominate him all his life.

Friends, it is true that most of us ask for the price for our services....even from our own child!

Have a Nice Day Friends!