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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What is Sin?

A monk was once sitting in his seaside hut when one of the village women came in, carrying a handful of dripping sand, which she had just picked up from the beach.

"Do you know what this is?" she asked.

"It looks like sand," said the monk.

"Do you know why I brought it here?" she asked.

"No. I can't imagine why," the monk answered.

"Well, these are my sins," the women explained, "My sins are as countless as the sands of the sea. How can I ever obtain forgiveness for all of them.?"

"You got that sand down by the shore, didn't you?" asked the monk, "Well, take it back there, and pile it up into a heaping mound of sand at the edge of water. Then you sit back and watch the tide come in and slowly wash away the pile altogether. That is how God's forgiveness works ....!"

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, the word 'sin' comes from a root which means 'forgetfulness'. One may not be able to see the connection between forgetfulness and sin, but there is a connection. Forgetfulness means unawareness, unconsciousness.

In unconsciousness, sin is bound to happen. Sin simply means that one doesn't know what one is doing. Since one remains unaware, whatsoever one does has to wrong. However, to recognize that "I am a sinner" is the beginning of a great pilgrimage, is the beginning of real virtue.

Friends, as far as awareness is concerned, a man who is full of awareness and alert, cannot do anything wrong. It is intrinsically impossible. Awareness brings so much clarity, right perception, and understanding that it is impossible to do anything that can be harmful to anyone. Such a person can only be a blessing to the existence.

Have a Great Day Friends !