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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unburden Yourself

Aldous Huxley had a great library. It was his whole life’s efforts. He had collected many rare books.
One day the library caught fire. The whole library burnt, many valuable manuscripts, art pieces, statues, paintings, were burnt. Aldous Huxley had really been a great seeker of beautiful things, but they were all burnt down to ashes. He was just standing and watching the fire, as nothing could be done.

Someone asked him, “You must be feeling quite sad !”

Aldous Huxley said, “I am surprised at what I am feeling. In fact, I am simply feeling very clean, as if the whole burden is gone. I have never felt so clean and unburdened. Suddenly, seeing everything going into flames, I am really feeling weightless!”

Moral of the Story ….

Friends similarly, when we can throw our old conditioning and beliefs to the fire, we can feel very clean and light. It is a non-essential burden, it can not help. Although we know what is right, we always do what is wrong. We know what should be done, but we never do it, we do just the opposite.
We know where the door is but even then we always go on trying to get out through the wall. We stumble and get knocked down, we even hurt our own being, but again and again we keep trying to get out through the wall. We say, “We know the door”, but we have simply heard about the door, but we don’t know it.
Friends, such a door exists only in our fantasy, not in reality….!
Enjoy each Moment of Life Friends !