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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trust is Fragrance

A wealthy businessman in a small town had signs printed and placed all over the town. The signs stated that, if any person in the town who owed debts, would visit his office on a certain day between nine and twelve in the morning and he would pay those debts. Naturally, that promise was the talk of the town. But very few believed it. They thought there was a catch somewhere.

Finally, the day came. The businessman sat in his office at nine. But no one came forward. At eleven, a man was seen walking up and down outside, occasionally looking up at the office door. .... And he seemed to gather some courage and open the door. The man put his head in and asked, "Is it true that you will pay my debt?"

"That's right," the rich man replied, "Do you have the bills and statements to prove your debts?" enquired the rich man.

The visitor produced the related documents and the businessman immediately wrote out a check covering all his debts.

Then just before twelve o'clock, two other men visited the office and also got their debts paid. People outside could not believe it and started rushing towards the office in thousands, however, the time to have their bills paid was already over....!

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, we seldom trust in the goodness of other people. How do you think we can trust in the goodness of God?  

One of the basic causes of our misery is that, we distrust everything in life. Trust, in fact, is one’s inner growth, one’s consciousness at its peak. Trust is one of the great qualities of one’s being.

When a rose bud flowers, its fragrance unconditionally flows all around ....The fragrance is never addressed to anyone in particular. For the rose, it makes no difference who is at the receiving end.
Friends, trust is the fragrance of a silent, peaceful, blissful being.....!

Have a Meaningful Day Friends !!