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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MIND- A perfect mess!

There was a centipede who, like other centipede had hundred small legs for walking. Once the centipede was taking a morning walk and a spider saw the centipede walking with its hundred legs. The spider became very much intrigued, as it had a mathematical mind.
The spider asked  the centipede, "Sister, please satisfy my curiosity. How do you manage your hundred legs while walking? How do you decide about which leg to put forward first and which one to put next and then....and such hundred legs! Do you never fall or never get confused? Do you keep counting inside while walking? If sure, I would not be able to walk, if I had hundred legs. My legs would have certainly got entangled with each other and I would have been miserable!"
The centipede laughed and said, "You mathematicians, you are always asking nonsense questions! You can see that I am managing perfectly well. In fact, I never had to even think about it. Now that you want to know, let me think over it."
So, the centipede tried to think while it continued walking... and it suddenly fell down ....! It was unable even to get up or walk again...
It got quite angry with the spider and said, "Listen! Never ask any centipede such a question again. For whole of my life I will be crippled! I had never before thought about my hundred legs and managing them while walking and things were going perfectly well. Now that you have asked me I will keep thinking about it and will keep trying to figure it out...! Probably I will ever be able to walk again. Hundred legs! Of course you are right. I can’t understand how I could manage them. I am already in a perfect mess....!"
Moral of the Story ...
Friends, this little story clearly indicates that, when mind interferes, the whole life becomes a ‘perfect mess’. Hence, one has to drop the mind, stop non-essential thinking and become more alert, without any screens of thoughts hindering the path. One has to meet the truth directly, because the truth is immediate, radiant, here & now. There is no need to discover the truth, it is already there, one has to only become aware about it. One should stop providing energy to the thought process, because it is suicidal, like poisoning the self. Friends, ninety-nine percent of our thinking is unnecessary, which keeps us only wandering and pulling away from the reality.
We all know that, the light appears to be only white but when it is allowed to pass through a prism it is split into seven different colored rays. Similarly Friends, the prism of our mind splits, divides everything that passes through it. Therefore, if one wants to know and realize that which is undivided, one has to go beyond mind.
Friends, the moment one learns to transcend the mind, the thought process, one comes to a great realization ….!
Have a Great Day Friends