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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Absurd Mind!

In a Chinese town there was one big restaurant, very rich and the most beautiful restaurant in the town. Next to that restaurant lived a poor man, who was running a small laundry.
Obviously, he could never visit that restaurant, it was too costly and impossible for him. But the smell of the food, the aroma of the variety of dishes prepared in its kitchen used to keep him sit in the corner and sniff it. Whenever he took his lunch or dinner he used to pull his chair out of his house and used to sit as close to the restaurant as possible and would sniff the aroma of the food that was emanating from the restaurant. Thus he would eat his food and would really enjoy it.
One day he was enjoying his food in the background aroma of the restaurant kitchen and there came the owner of the restaurant. He was holding a bill for enjoying the aroma of the food prepared in his restaurant. The poor man was surprised, but thinking for a moment, he immediately ran into his house. He returned with his tiny money box, rattled it in the ears of the restaurant owner, smiled and said, "Hereby I pay for the aroma of your food, by the sound of my money!"

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, our mind is just like the aroma and sound in the above story, nothing real, nothing authentic. The mind, in fact, is not our reality, it is only a false interpretation.
If one can see this whole procession of meaningless, fruitless effort leading nowhere and if one becomes aware of this whole nonsense as if in a flash of lightning, then one will laugh at the absurdity of the human mind.
Friends, mind is a prison. It cannot find any freedom anywhere, because we are identified with it and hence we never allow the mind to die. But one should realize that, only through no-mind can blossom the flowers of unselfishness, love, compassion and sharing....!!
Have a Fulfilling Day Friends!