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Saturday, May 19, 2012


After his evening talks, Gautam Buddha used to tell his disciples, "Now go and do the last thing before you go to sleep."  For his disciples, ‘The last thing before going to sleep’ was the meditation, so all the disciples used to get up and leave for meditation.
One day it just happened that a prostitute and a thief were also in the audience and when Buddha said, "Now it is time for you to go and do the last thing before you go to sleep," the thief simply thought that the Buddha has endorsed his business. He told himself, "What am I doing here? This is the time to do my business before I go to sleep!”
The prostitute also looked around and thought, “The Buddha is really very perceptive, because when Buddha said this, he was definitely looking at me. So, I must  go and do my business before I go to sleep!" She bowed down and left in a hurry…!

Moral of the Story …

Friends, a simple statement, but three different people perceived it as three different meanings. In fact, there could also have been many more meanings, because even if the message is the same, what was heard and perceived could not have been the same. Generally, simple things are made complicated, the obvious is forgotten and taken for granted. Most of the times, one avoids thinking about it.

Friends, why do we call things ‘objects'? ‘Object' simply means, that which obstructs, hinders, prevents. Our mind is conditioned for certain perceptions, hence it is like an object, it is a barrier, hence one cannot move further beyond its conditioning. Mind is like an object, like a wall and not like a door.
The one who is like a mirror, pure, unreflective, centered in itself in deep blissfulness, only can perceive life in a right perspective. Life comes and goes but one’s mirror-like awareness remains eternally. One’s consciousness is the only thing in the whole of existence which never changes.

Have a Blissful Day, Today & Everyday Friends!