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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pattern of Life !

The quality of life depends on one’s mind. 

Ultimately it is one’s attitude. 

Most of the times we suffer because of our wrong attitude, our wrong mind. We suffer because we have cultivated a suffering mind. If we create a blissful mind, only bliss will follow.

Everything can be reduced to one’s attitude, to one’s approach towards life. Life can be a source of suffering or bliss… it depends on how one interprets it. 
One has to remember not to go on interpreting life negatively and start interpreting positively.

Even in the darkest night one should go on searching for a star and it is always there. In fact, the darker the night, the more are the stars, the more brilliant they are. 

One should not look at the darkness, but look at the stars, and only then one can see that the darkness is not against the stars. But it gives a contrast, it is complementary. That’s why we don’t see the stars during the day, the day is against them but the night is in total support. 

Death is in support of life.

One should never look for the wrong; if one looks, then it is there. Then the stars start disappearing and there remains only darkness and suffering and hell. One has created it!

If one looks at the stars, the meaning of the darkness is transformed. The darkness becomes the very mother of the stars. The one who can see darkness as the very mother of light, that consciousness that can see nothingness as the source of all, those eyes that can see the thorns as protection for the rose, are religious.

Once one starts looking at the positive in life, all negativity disappears. The things are still the same but a new gestalt, a new pattern arises in the life.

Have a Great Day Today & Every Day Friends!