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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Osho: Are You Contented?

Dear Friends, please reflect on these beautiful words of Osho …

Contentment is possible only through Inner Growth …

“…Discontentment is human, contentment is divine. It is the great privilege of human being to be aware of discontent, which means there is a possibility to grow towards contentment. But very few people make any effort towards inner growth. Their whole life is rooted in misunderstandings.

People think, if they have a bigger house or more money or more power or more prestige, if they become famous, then they will be contented. That is sheer nonsense. How can a bigger house make you contented? You will remain the same. In fact, when you are in much discomfort you don't feel much discontent, because your whole energy is involved in fighting with discomforts. 

That's why poor people don't feel so much discontent but rich people feel discontent.
A person who is hungry thinks only about bread and a person who is naked thinks only about clothes, but a man who is well-fed, starts thinking, 'What is this life all about? Why am I here at all?' Such a person starts thinking about the meaning of life and only then a turning point is possible….

Nothing on the outside can ever make you contented. Contentment is possible only through inner growth. Inner growth gives you clarity, transparency and slowly you become a mirror. You start reflecting things as they are and at that moment the growth starts. Your consciousness is becomes richer, more intense, more alive. And it is only through that growth that one day you start touching the world of the divine.

…And that is our ultimate goal, that's what we are all seeking. And unless it is achieved there is no bliss, no benediction, no meaning in life. Meaning happens in life only when god enters in you. Only then there is meaning in life …great meaning …. eternal meaning….!”

Have a Great & Meaningful Day My Friends!!