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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alchemical Outlook!

There was a great Sufi mystic called Bayazid, who used to pray every day and used to express his thanks and gratitude towards God, sometimes even without any reason.
Once he and his disciples had to starve for three days, without a drop of water and food. They were being driven out from one village to another by some people who were against them. However, that evening before going to sleep Bayazid again prayed and thanked God by saying, “You are so compassionate my Lord. Whatsoever we needed, you have always given to us. We are very thankful and obliged ...!”
His disciples were confused, so they asked him, “Now we can’t understand this! For what are you thanking God? For three days we have been hungry, thirsty, have been thrown out of every village and you are saying ‘Whatsoever is needed, you have always given to us!’ What has He given to us for last three days?'

Bayazid smiled and said, 'He has given us hunger, thirst and the people who have been running after our lives for last three days. Whatsoever is needed, He always gives! Probably this must be needed for us. He is very compassionate and knows it better about what exactly is needed for us!'

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, this attitude is alchemical helps transform our lives. The baser metal is immediately transformed into gold once we have such an alchemical outlook. We touch anything and immediately the thing turns in to gold.

God comes to us in different forms and different ways. Sometimes He also comes as a misery, suffering, hurt or upset, to give us depth. 
Sometimes He comes as happiness, joy and bliss, to create ripples of laughter in us. Sometimes He also comes as a life, sometimes as a death. 
Only He keeps coming through different forms. Multiple are His forms, His ways and His faces. 
One needs special eyes to recognise Him in whatsoever form He comes to us. 

Even if he comes as a suffering, we should remember that it is also His image and probably this is needed at this time.

One should touch one’s miseries and hurts with a grateful heart and suddenly one will see the beauty even in the suffering. A silence will immediately settle around and one will feel thankful towards Him.
Friends, He always gives a right thing at the right moment, but we misunderstand....!

Have a Blissful Day Friends!