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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Non-Duality ...The Unity!

Friends, please reflect on this meaningful story .....

Once a disciple of a Zen Master had gone to see a polo game. When he returned the Master asked him, "I have a few questions for you. Were the riders on the horses tired?"

The disciple said, "Yes, at the end of the game they looked tired!"

Then the Master asked, "Were the horses also tired?"

The disciple said, "Yes, although not as much as the riders, but even the horses were tired!"

Finally the Master asked, "...And now the final question ....were the wooden posts used in the game, tired too?"

This was too much! The disciple hesitated a little. The Master said, "Go and meditate over it. Tomorrow morning I want the answer!"

For the whole night the disciple could not sleep. "The wooden posts ... how can they be tired? What a stupid question! But if the Master has asked, it can't be stupid ... there has to be something in it."

The entire night he tried hard and meditated on Master’s question. Finally, early next morning he rushed to the Master, fell at his feet and said, "Yes Master, the wooden posts were also tired!"

The Master smiled and said, "I am happy that, you watched the polo game, it has been useful. I have no more questions for you now!"

Others disciples could not understand what was going on. So, one of them asked the Master, "How can the wooden posts be tired? Please explain to us!"

...And the Master replied, "If the wooden posts cannot be tired then even the riders and the horses cannot be tired, because this whole existence is one....!"

Moral of the Story ....
Friends, this story is quite meaningful. If a man gets tired, if horses get tired, then wooden posts also get tired, because this whole existence is a manifestation of one energy.
Although duality is the way of life, non-duality is the way towards transcending the manifested form and going into the un-manifest, going to the original source from where we come and for which we long. Unless we reach the source, something always remains unfulfilled in life, because only in the source is the rest ….!

Please reflect over these words & enjoy the day Friends!