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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving Closer!

Thomas Alva Edison was working on an experiment related to electric bulbs. He continuously worked for almost three years but failed more than seven hundred times. All his colleagues and students, were completely frustrated. Every morning he would come happy and bubbling with joy, and ready to start again. More than seven hundred experiments and three years wasted! Everybody was almost certain that, the whole thing is useless, just a whim.
One day all of them came together and talked to Edison, 'We have failed seven hundred times and we have achieved nothing. So, now we have to stop.'
Edison laughed loudly and said, 'How can you say we have failed? We have succeeded in knowing that those seven hundred methods won't work. If there are one thousand possibilities, we have closed seven hundred. So, we are nearing closer and closer to success every day! We have knocked on seven hundred doors and they were not the right doors. But there was no other way to learn that they were not the right doors and this is a great achievement!'

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, this is the basic scientific attitude. If one can decide that something is false, then one is moving closer to the truth. One needs to experiment, so that, one never loses the opportunity of learning something unfamiliar.
One should never cling to the past and always remain open for experimentation, always ready to walk on a path which one has never explored before. And even if it proves useless, it will be an experience.
One should never think that, whatsoever one is doing is perfect. It is never perfect. But, it is always possible to improve upon it to make it more perfect.

Have a Wonderful Day Friends!