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Monday, March 19, 2012

Desires and Peace

It seems, when ‘Alexander The Great’ died and reached heaven, he was carrying all the psychological weight of his entire kingdom, wealth, gold, diamonds, etc. In fact, he was burdened too much by being ‘Alexander The Great’.


The gatekeeper at heaven looked at him, started laughing and asked him, 'Why are you carrying so much of a burden?'
Alexander said, 'What burden?' because physically he was carrying nothing, but his psyche was very heavy.

To prove his point, the gatekeeper brought a weighing balance and put a human eye in one of the two pans of the balance. 
Then he asked Alexander to put all the weight of his greatness, treasures, kingdom, victories, etc. in the other pan of the balance. 
Alexander did so. However, to his surprise, the pan containing the human eye still remained heavier than all his greatness, wealth and his kingdom. Finally, finding no other way, Alexander himself jumped onto the pan, but still the one human eye remained heavier.

Perplexed Alexander asked the gatekeeper, 'How can such a small eye be so heavy? Are you playing some trick or magic with me?'

The gatekeeper replied, 'This ‘human eye’ represents human desires, which cannot be balanced out or fulfilled with any of your great efforts!'

So, Alexander enquired, 'Then what is the way to fulfil it?'
The gatekeeper threw a tiny particle of dust into that human eye in the pan. 

The eye immediately blinked, became light and weightless....!

Moral of the Story ...

Friends, quite a meaningful story! Our desires are plenty, but our needs are few. Needs can be fulfilled, but not human desires. 
A desire is a need gone crazy. The more you try to fulfil, the more it goes on demanding. 
Desires are ugly and they turn most of us in to crazy monsters.

A little dust of understanding has to be thrown into the eye full of desires, so that, the desires disappear and only the needs remain, which are quite light.
Friends, one always needs to choose that which is more peaceful....!
Have a Great Day Friends!