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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stupidity of Greed!!

Once three priests were discussing about the mechanism used by each one of them to divide the money donated by the devotees and how one part is retained for their own needs and how the other part goes to the ‘Lord’.


The first priest said, "I draw a line on the floor and then I toss all the money in the air ….whatever lands to the right of the line I keep and the money to the left of the line goes to the Lord!”


The second one nodded saying, "My system is essentially the same, only I use a circle instead of a line. What lands inside the circle is mine, outside is his."
The third priest smiled and then said, "Even I do the same thing. I toss all the money into the air ….whatever God can grab is his …!"

Moral of the Story …

Friends, wherever there is greed, there is a hell, no heaven…The greed may be worldly or it may be otherworldly.

Without ‘renouncing’ anything, if only one can see the stupidity of one’s greed, that very seeing makes the greed disappear. One’s energy becomes free, one’s consciousness is no longer entangled, entrapped or in bondage by things such as name, fame, money, power, prestige, etc.
Friends, one should understand that the freedom of one’s consciousness is the greatest rejoicing in life….!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Sangeeta Hegde