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Sunday, February 10, 2013


A great emperor, Nadirshah was once praying in the mosque. It was early morning, the sun had not yet risen, so it was still dark. Nadirshah was praying to the Allah and was asking for his blessings, to be victorious in life.

He was praying, “Allah, I am nobody. I am just a servant ....a servant of your servants. Please bless me. I am an emperor on your behalf, so my victory is going to be your victory. But still remember, I am nobody .... I am just a servant of your servants!"

....Suddenly the emperor heard another voice in the darkness from one corner of the mosque. A beggar was also praying, “Allah, please remember, I am nobody, just a servant of your servants and need your blessings!"
The emperor was quite upset and angry at this. He started shouting at the beggar saying, "You are just a beggar and you have guts to tell Allah that you are nobody! Stop this nonsense! Who are you to say that you are ‘nobody’ when I am here? When I am saying, ‘I am nobody’, then nobody else can claim that. I am the ‘servant’ of all the Allah’s servants. How do you dare to say that you are the servant of his servants ...?"


....And the beggar was dragged far away from the mosque by the emperor’s guards.

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, did you get it ?
The desperation to be number one is still there, the same stupid competition is still on. Nothing has changed. The same calculation ..."Even if it is to be the last, I have to be the last. Nobody else can be allowed to be lower than me."

Ego cannot bring anything extraordinary in this world. The extraordinary comes only through egoless being. Until there is no understanding, one is not very authentic and unless there is no clarity in life, the mind keeps on playing such dirty games.

Secondly, one should never try to be happy at the cost of other’s happiness. That is ugly, inhuman. One should not live at the expense of others’ pleasures, but should help others to be happy ....that is holiness.

Friends, life is short, one should never get lost in any ego-trip. One should learn to create a beautiful climate in which everybody can share a little joy....!!

Have a meaningful Day Friends!

Sangeeta Hegde