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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beyond the normal! A Miracle.

Friends, have you heard about Luther Burbank, an American lover of trees and plants?

Luther Burbank achieved a miracle. It seems he used to talk to the seeds, to the plants continuously and finally a moment came when the plants started listening to him. 

He was once working on a cactus plant for almost seven years ….continuously talking to the cactus, saying, “You need not be worried and need not be defensive. Now there is no danger to your life…You are at your friend’s house and not in a desert …!”


Friends, as we all know every cactus plant has numerous thorns to protect itself. That’s its armor against the environmental conditions, because a cactus usually grows in a desert, under insecurity and danger. A cactus surviving in a desert is a real miracle. Some cactus plants survive even for two thousand years. There is no availability of water, so survival must be a great struggle. It seems a cactus plant survives only on dewdrops. It doesn’t even have leaves, because leaves evaporate water to a great extent. Thus, cactus plays a trick so that, the sun cannot evaporate water from them, as the water is so scarce. Cacti have no leaves but only thorns and deep inside their stem they keep accumulating water. They can survive for months without any water and there is no cactus without thorns.

Luther Burbank used to continuously talk lovingly to the cactus. People started thinking he was crazy…..And then the miracle happened! …After seven years, a new branch sprouted out of that cactus plant and it was without any thorns. That was the first human contact with the world of plants. It is indeed a rare phenomenon…!
Friends, it can be seven years or seventy, who knows? 

But if Luther Burbank could succeed with a cactus, then why not we try to transform ourselves, blossom and reach beyond the ultimate heights with our positive approach towards our life, understanding and positive thought process?

Please Reflect my Friends!

Sangeeta Hegde