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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Truth is God!

Once there was a revolution in a country. The revolutionaries were busy changing everything. They were determined to destroy religion as well.

In that context they arrested a poor old man and brought him to the Court.

They asked the poor man, “Why do you believe in God?”
The poor man replied, “Gentlemen, I do not believe in God, even then God is there. What should I do now?”
Then they asked him, “How do you know that He exists?”

The old man said, “Ever since I opened my eyes, I have seen none except Him!”

The revolutionaries were very angry and told him, “Soon we are going to kill 
all your monks and nuns. What do you have to say?”

That old man laughed and said, “As God may wish! ”
Then they said, ‘We have decided to destroy all signs of religion and will not leave any sign of God in this world.”

The old man replied, “My son, this is a very difficult job that you have undertaken. How will you destroy all signs? Whatever remains will always confirm His existence. At least you will be there and you will confirm His existence. It is impossible to eliminate God, because He is all-pervading!”

Moral of the Story ….

Friends, we misunderstand and think of God as a man. God is not a person. He is in the whole existence.
The question of believing in God does not even arise. Do we believe in light? We see light as soon as we open our eyes. Therefore, belief is a supporter of our ignorance. Any blind faith with eyes closed and covered cannot take anybody towards the truth. Only the discrimination with eyes fully open can take a man to the truth.
Friends, there is no other God except the truth.

Have a Great Day Friends!