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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Osho : Accept the Suffering!

“…Suffering is there. It is a part of life and part of growth; nothing is bad in it. Suffering becomes evil only when it is simply destructive and not creative at all; suffering becomes bad only when you suffer and nothing is gained out of it. But I am telling you the divine can be gained through suffering; then it becomes creative. Darkness is beautiful when the dawn is coming out of it soon; darkness is dangerous if it is endless, leads to no dawn, simply continues and continues and you go on moving in a rut, in a vicious circle…

This is what is happening to you. Just to escape from one suffering you create another; then to escape from another, one more is created…. and this goes on and on and all those sufferings which you have not lived are waiting for you. You have escaped but you escape from one suffering to another, because a mind which was creating a suffering will keep on creating more. Thus, you keep escaping only from one suffering to another….but suffering will be there because your mind is the creative force for it.

…Accept the suffering and pass through it; don't try to escape. This is a totally different dimension to work on. If suffering is there, encounter it, go through it. Why create a facade, just accept it …move on…!”

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