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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Decision Making !

Friends, it is said that good managers are those who make quick decisions. Which means, they are willing to take responsibility for their decisions. The question is, what is it that prevents us from making decisions? What's the fear? Is it the fear of taking responsibility, or the fear of failure or making mistakes?

Decision making becomes a phobia for many people due to the faulty thinking that goes behind it. They think that, by not making a decision they will not make any mistake. Now, they have already made a mistake by making this decision. Secondly, they think that there is only one right answer. This may not be the case, but thinking this way makes the prospect of decision-making overwhelming. One should learn to face the simple fact that one cannot foresee the future and can take a decision based only on the facts available at the time of taking the decision. So one should just go for it!

Friends, taking a decision is an intuitive process, one cannot learn it in any school. Decision making ability makes people independent. The more decisive one becomes, the more integrated one becomes. There are possibilities of erring, but in this process one learns as well. Life is combination of trials and errors.

There are a few things which can be learnt only if one is courageous enough to make mistakes. One should only remember not to make the same mistake again.

Friends, whenever one has to choose, one should always choose the unknown, because the known has already been lived. One should never miss the unknown. Even if one has to suffer, it is worth it … it always pays.

Have a Great Day Friends!