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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Story Fruit Salad !

A man was sitting in a compartment in a train. Across from him was sitting a priest who had a picnic basket beside him. The man had nothing else to do so he was just watching the priest.

After a while the priest opened the picnic basket and took out a small cloth which he placed carefully on his knees. Then he took out a glass bowl and placed it on the cloth. Then he took out a knife and an apple, peeled the apple, cut it up, put the pieces of apple in the bowl. Then he picked up the bowl, leaned over and tipped the apple out of the window. Then he took out a banana, peeled it, cut it up, put it in the bowl, and tipped it out of the window. The same with a pear and a little tin of cherries and a pineapple, and a pot of cream …. he tipped them all out of the window after carefully preparing them. Then he cleaned the bowl dusted off the cloth, and put them back in the picnic basket.

The man who had been watching the priest in amazement, finally asked, ”Excuse me, what are you doing?”

To which the priest replied coolly, “I am making fruit salad!”
But you are tipping it all out of the window,” said the surprised man.

”Yes,” said the priest, ”I hate fruit salad ….!”

Moral of the Story ….

Friends, we go on carrying things that we hate and live in our own world of hatred. We constantly carry the “fruit salad” of hatred, jealousy, anger, hurts and upsets within us and keep playing with these past wounds so that, they remain fresh in our memory. We never allow them to heal. Our whole life thus depends on our past.

Unless we learn to live in the present, we will never be able to forget and forgive the past. For this, one needs to be aware, to be in the present and that is the only positive way to approach the existence.

Friends, awareness knows only the present. If we learn to live in the present moment, all the negativity, the past and the future simply disappear on its own and one starts experiencing the real freedom, the bliss. This experience helps one to become whole, healthy and healed.
….This well-being is the beginning of one’s transformation!

Have a Blissful Day, Today & Everyday Friends!