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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Harry had married his elderly, ugly wife only for her money.

Of course, Harry found plenty of ways to spend it, like the present safari trek through the African jungle. 
Suddenly a huge alligator slipped out of the marshes, grabbed his wife between its teeth and started to pull her away. But, Harry did not move a muscle.

“Quick! Shoot it!! Shoot it!” screamed his unfortunate wife.

Harry shrugged, “I would love to, dear, but I haven’t any film in my camera….!”

Moral of the Story …

Friends, our mind has the tendency to hear what it wants to hear.
What we are hearing, may not be the actual fact. Most of the times we go on manipulating it in many ways. When something enters into our head, we do not listen to it directly. First, we mix it up with our own ideas, then we change it a little here and there. We drop a few things here and we also add a few things there which suit us.
…And, when it starts to suit us, we convince ourselves that, this was exactly was what was said by the other.

Have a Wonder filled Day Today & Everyday Friends!