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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Prayer: Buddhist story

A woman called Nuyen used to recite Buddha’s name daily. Although she was reciting Buddha’s name for over 10 years, she was still quite mean, aggressive and used to often shout at people all the time. She usually used to starts her practice by lighting incense and hitting a little bell.

Once her friend wanted to teach her a lesson, so as she began her chanting and prayer, the friend came to her door and called out, "Miss Nuyen, Miss Nuyen!".

As this was the time for her prayers and chanting the woman got annoyed, but she said to herself, "I have to struggle against my anger, so I will just ignore it."

She continued reciting Buddha’s name. The man also continued to call her name, as she became more and more oppressive. But the woman kept struggling against her anger and wondered whether she should stop the recitation to give the man a piece of her mind, but she continued reciting.

The man outside also continued shouting her name, “Miss Nuyen, Miss Nuyen, Miss Nuyen...."

The woman could not stand it anymore, so she stopped her chanting of Buddha’s name, jumped to her feet, slammed the door and went to the gate and shouted at the man, "Why do you have to behave like this? I am doing my recitation and you are shouting my name over and over!"

The gentleman smiled at her and said, "I called your name just for five minutes and you are so angry. But you have been calling Buddha's name for more than ten years now. Can you imagine how angry he must be by now...!"

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, prayer means only listening to god. Even if one has to say something, one can only thank the God with tremendous feeling of gratitude. 

Prayer is not a technique, not a ritual or not a formality. It is only a spontaneous outpouring of the heart. Prayer is not in the expression or in the container, it is always in the content. Prayer is a silence.

Friends, God does not speak from the outside, he speaks from our innermost core, he is already there. And to remain connected with our innermost core is the true prayer.

Have a Nice Day Friends !