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Thursday, July 21, 2011

No Mind

There was a rich man in a town, who once decided to go on a long pilgrimage. He had a big palace and many servants. Before leaving on his journey, the rich man called all his servants and told them, “I am going on a long pilgrimage, so one by one, in a rotation you all will have to be on guard. I am not sure about how long my journey will take. The pilgrimage is hazardous, and I may come back or may not come back, but this palace, the beautiful garden and everything has to be as it is.”
The servants said, “Of course Sir. Whatsoever you say we will do.”

The man went away. Days and months and then years passed … and slowly the servants started forgetting that they were only the servants, the caretakers. The master was missing for so long…. Each servant slowly started pretending that he was the master of the palace. Many years passed and then the servants completely forgot about the master. They declared to the whole town, “We are the masters” and even the people started believing them.

And one fine day, the master suddenly returned and stood at the door. The servants looked at him, came back to their senses and fell at his feet, “Sir, you are back…!”

The rich man replied, “Why? I had told you that my pilgrimage may take a long time...!”

All the servants cried out, “Forgive us Sir! We had forgotten you completely and became the masters of this palace. We enjoyed being the master so much that, we declared in the town that we are the masters. Even the people started believing that we are the masters….!”

Moral of the Story ….

Friends, the same is the case with most of us. We are absent but our mind, which is supposed to be just a servant, a slave, is acting as the master. In fact, there is no question of the master going anywhere, because once he arrives, he never goes. In our case, perhaps the master has never been at home. Our thoughts which we call our mind, certainly and confidently believe that they are the masters.

Can a servant watch another servant? Similarly, a thought cannot watch another thought …. that is impossible. Therefore, even if a thought arises in the mind that, “I am watching,” one has missed. It was only a thought. If the watcher is present, one will never even have the thought that, “I am watching it”. This means, one was just on the verge of getting it and missed it completely. The mind has entered in….

It is always the mind that gets a thought, the real watcher simply watches with total silence, without any activity. In such a moment, the actual seeing, knowing and experiencing happens ….without indulging in a thought process.

Why are we not in a position to experience Life simply as a watcher, without any thought?

Friends, one needs to learn this knack. For past many lives, our mind has been trained, conditioned, to think every experience in words…not in silence….!

Wish you a Blissful Life with “No-Mind” Friends!