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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spirituality and Wroldliness. OSHO:

Guilt creates the trouble, not the world.

And there is no division between the world and spiritualism. But the division is in the guilt.

So that guilt has to be dropped.

Not that you have to bring spirituality and the world together; they are together. There is no way to separate them.

You have to understand your guilt and drop it, otherwise guilt always creates schizophrenia.

That effort to bring spirituality and the world together is, from the very beginning, wrong. You have to understand your guilt.

The very categorization is wrong because then division starts.

Once you label something as spiritual, suddenly you have condemned the world.

When you say something is worldly, the division has come in.

There is no need.

If you enjoy food, if you enjoy the sunshine, if you enjoy the flowers and you enjoy meditation and prayer, in fact, it is all one enjoyment.

It does not matter that it is food or flowers or friends or prayer or meditation. It is one phenomenon -- enjoyment. It is joy.

There is no need to divide it because objects of joy are different -- they are immaterial.

The essential thing is that you have joy and delight.

You don't divide when you see the moon in the night and you enjoy it and then one day you see a child smiling and you enjoy.

Which is spiritual and which is material? You see a flower opening and something opens in you and you delight in it.

The food is being cooked and the flavour comes and suddenly there is joy in it. Which is spiritual and which is worldly?

If you ask me, I will say that joy is spiritual and the incapacity to enjoy, to celebrate, is worldly.


From a message shared by Karen D'Souza