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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ubuntu. I am because We are.


An Anthropologist proposed one game to the kids of African tribal children.

He placed a basket of fruits near a tree.

And made them stand 100 mtrs away.

And announced that whoever reaches1st would get all the fruits in the basket.

When he said ready steady go..

Do you know what these small children did?

They all caught each other's hands and ran towards the tree together,
divided the fruits among them and ate the fruits and enjoyed it.

When the Anthropologist asked them why u did so?

They said 'Ubuntu'

'How can 1 be happy when all the others are Sad'?

Ubuntu in their language means


let's all of us carry this attitude and spread happiness.  Have a pleasant day ahead!


From a message shared by Sonali Lokhandwala.