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Friday, September 27, 2013

Pigeon in the Coat!!


There was a famous astrologer and people in his town were scared of him because, whatever he predicted came true.


One day, two young men from his town conspired to play a trick so that, for once the astrologer would be proved wrong. 


As it was winter time, one of them put on an overcoat and hid a pigeon inside it. Together they went to the astrologer's house to test him. 

They told the astrologer that, they had a pigeon hidden inside the overcoat and they wanted him to predict if the pigeon was alive or dead. In fact, both the young men had settled among themselves that if the astrologer said the pigeon was alive, the pigeon would be at once throttled and killed before being taken out, and in case if he said it was dead the live pigeon would be taken out and shown to him. Thus, the astrologer would have no way to be right….at least the two friends thought it that way…



However, the answer of the astrologer was one they could not have conceived. He said, "The pigeon is in your hands, so it is neither alive nor dead. Since it is in your hands, it depends only on you."

Both the young men were flabbergasted and said, 
"…You have defeated us, sir!"


Moral of the Story …

Friends, our life is in one’s own hands. One should learn to live the way one wants to live. Society or its social and political conditions, or any kind of external pressures should not make a difference and one should learn to go one’s own way.
Friends, one’s being is exclusively one’s own. One can always make some adjustments with the society one lives in, but one should do so out of compassion. Any adjustment in life need not be made for fear of punishment or for any reward.

Have a Good Day Friends!

 Mrs. Sangeeta Hegde