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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Imagination & Projection!


Once Mulla Nasruddin and his friend Sheikh Abdullah lost their way in a forest. They kept trying and trying to find their way out but slowly the day turned in to evening  and finally darkness of night descended on the forest….so, both of them had to wait for the whole night under a tree. It was a dangerous ground with many wild animals around, so they had to keep awake as any moment they could be attacked and killed.


Both of them tried to keep awake, but Mulla was tired and was feeling very sleepy, so he told Sheikh Abdullah, "Let us invent something, because I am feeling very sleepy and now it is impossible to stay awake. The entire day we have been travelling…. I am very tired!"

Sheikh Abdullah asked, "…I agree, but what can we do?"

Mulla said, "We shall play a game, a game of guessing. You keep describing any film actress …just become the film actress and describe yourself …. I will try to guess who this film actress is. Then it will be my turn and you guess."
Even Abdullah was much interested, as it seemed to be a good game to pass the time. Abdullah said, "Fine, it is my turn and I shall describe…!" He contemplated a little and then said, "My eyes are like Noor Jahan, my nose is like Cleopatra and my lips like Marilyn Monroe's…." and he went on and on….

In that dark night Mulla  was slowly getting excited, his heart-beats were fast, blood pressure was high. Even in the dark his eyes were shining, face turned pink…. And when Sheikh Abdullah said, "Now the measurements of my body…thirty-six, twenty-four, thirty-six…." 


Nasruddin couldn’t wait any more and suddenly jumped over to Sheikh Abdullah and  Sheikh Abdullah was shouting, "Wait, wait…guess…!"


But Mulla said, "Who is bothered about guessing now? I don't care who you are….come on…!"

Moral of the Story …

Friends, for most of us life is only projection, imagination, desire and passion…hence we always remain the victims. 

This is a reality and this is about us.

God comes only to those who know how to wait. God never comes through desires, he comes through patience. 
Having patience is passive desiring !

Have a Great Day Friends !

Mrs. Sangeeta Hegde