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Saturday, April 20, 2013


Mulla Nasruddin was on his deathbed, when his friend asked him, 
“Nasruddin, If you were born again, would you like to make any change or would you like to live the same life again?”

….Mulla brooded for long, then he opened his eyes and said, 
“Yes, one thing …I always wanted to part my hair in the middle … that would be the only change. I have been parting my hair on the right, but I always wanted to part it in the middle. Otherwise, everything would be the same ….as it is!”

Moral of the Story ….

Friends, desiring means projecting our past into the future, the future which is unknown. All our desiring is nothing but repeating the past again and again. We may like to have another man or woman, different profession, different house, etc.etc….But what difference does it make? It will not be more than ‘parting the hair in the middle’.

We go on asking from the past and thus we keep moving in a vicious circle. That circle is the world, the SANSAR, the coming and going, being born again and dying again. We keep repeating the same again and again….for hundred of thousands of lives….

Friends, one should not desire, but let the future come without one desiring for it. That is the meaning of desire-less-ness. It is not running away from the world nor renouncing the world nor going to the Himalayas. It means just witnessing without desiring.

If one can wait without desiring, everything starts happening from the whole, from God itself. One should only allow existence to happen….!!

Have a Great Day Friends!

Sangeeta hegde