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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Celebrating Life

Friends, here is a wonderful story about the Hassid mystic, Zusia. He is one of the most beautiful Hassid mystics.

Once Zusia was walking through the hills and he saw many beautiful birds, caught by a man, in a cage. Zusia approached near the cage and opened it. All the birds flew away.

The man came rushing out of his house and asked Zusia, ‘What have you done?’

Zusia replied, ‘Birds are meant to fly… Look how beautiful they look on their wings!’

The man thought otherwise and gave Zusia a good beating. His whole day’s work had been destroyed. In fact, the man had been hoping to go to the market and sell the birds. There were many things to be done, but Zusia had destroyed his dream.

…Zusia was laughing and enjoying the beating…The man thought Zusia must be mad…

When the man stopped beating him, Zusia asked, ‘Have you finished with it? I have to move now!’

The man could not answer. He thought, “This man looks simply mad!”

Zusia was very happy. He started singing and dancing looking at the birds flying in the open sky. He was  happy that he was beaten, but yet he didn’t hurt, happy that he received it as a gift. He thanked God …There was no complaint….

Moral of the Story …

Friends, Zusia could transform the whole quality of the situation and one needs to learn this technique.

One should expand so much that all is accepted, hurts, upsets, insults and even death, only then the divine song can emerge in one’s life. One should learn to accept the darkness, only then the light can shine. The moment one accepts the night totally, and there is no seeking or hankering for the morning, only then the bright morning arrives.

Friends, this is the only way one can be Blissful, Peaceful & Celebrating Life…!!

Have a Great Day Friends!!